After years of development, play-testing by various Squat Warlords out there in the world, several face-lifts and rules-changes, and much tweaking the Daewar army list is nearing final completion.

A big thanks goes out to all the people on various forums who have made many suggestions, criticisms, error-checks, encouragements and so forth. The army list would not be what it is today without such individuals.

A few such Warlords in no particular order: Dreadnought, jrbrekbill and Daniel of the Waryammer 40K forum, Kanzen and Aaron Yeager of the New Wave 40k forum, and Aaron Pettrey and Zem of the WargamerAU 40k forum.


Strategy: Daewar Forces have a Strategy Rating of 2D6, and a Vehicle Leadership Value of 9 for campaign use. For missions involving Sentries, Daewar Forces use 8 Daewar (Initiative 2).

Force Organisation: Whichever Force Organisation chart is being used, Daewar may drop two choices from the Fast Attack section and replace them with a single extra Heavy Support choice. They may not reduce the number of Fast Attack choices below one. On Standard Missions, therefore, a Daewar force could limit themselves to one Fast Attack choice which will in turn provide them with one extra Heavy Support choice.

Dual Fire Weapons: Squats make use of a type of weapons known as 'Dual Fire' weapons. Dual Fire weapons have two modes of fire, high power mode and normal fire mode. Dual Fire weapons may fire in normal fire mode once up to 24" if stationary or once up to 12" if moving, or may fire in high power mode once up to 12" if stationary.
Weapon Range Strength AP Type
Beam gun 24" 3 3 Dual Fire
3 5
For example, a Beam gun has a normal fire mode of Strength 3 AP 5, and a high power mode of Strength 3 AP 3. This means that a model with a Beam gun may move and fire once up to 12" in normal fire mode (Strength 3 / AP 5), or may remain stationary and either fire once up to 24" in normal fire mode (Strength 3 / AP 5) or once up to 12" in high power mode (Strength 3 /AP 3).

Blood Feud: The Daewar have fought many long and bitter wars against the Orks and bear an enduring enmity against the whole green-skinned race. Daewar will hit on a roll of 3+, regardless of the models’ respective Weapon Skills, when fighting in close combat against Orks and Grots. However, Daewar units may not use the voluntary fallback rule at all when fighting against Orks.

Short Legged: Daewar are short legged and wide of girth, making their movement somewhat ungainly. When pursuing a foe or fleeing from combat, Daewar on foot roll 3D6 and pick the two lowest dice. However, as they accustomed to high gravity conditions they do not suffer the usual penalties to movement when fighting in high gravity.

Steadfast: Daewar are a firm and resolute race fighting for their very freedom, and are thus unwilling to retreat, even in the face of overwhelming losses. To represent this Daewar may ignore the 50% minimum squad strength restriction on regrouping, and thus a Daewar squad may attempt to regroup as long as it has at least one model. However, if a Daewar squad wishes to use the voluntary fallback rule they must first pass a Leadership test with a -1 modifier.

Guild Expeditionary Force: Instead of taking a regular Daewar force you may take a Guild Expeditionary Force. A Guild Expeditionary Force does not use the normal Daewar Army List, but instead may only select units from the following list:

  • HQ: 1 Engineer Guildmaster, 0-1 Living Ancestor

  • Elites: Guild Journeymen

  • Troops: Guild Biker Squadron

  • Fast Attack: Iron Eagle

  • Heavy Support: Guild Robot Squadron

All characters and any accompanying bodyguards must be mounted on either Daewar bikes or Exo-Trikes. The Living Ancestor may only accompany an Engineer Guildmaster riding a Daewar bike (not an Exo-Trike).

Guild Miner Relief Force: Alternatively if you are playing a battle where you can use the Deep Strike rules, you may take a Guild Miner Relief Force. A Guild Miner Relief Force does not use the normal Daewar Army List, but instead may only select units from the following list:

  • HQ: 1 Engineer Guildmaster, 0-1 Living Ancestor

  • Elites: Guild Journeymen

  • Troops: Guild Miner Squad

  • Fast Attack: Guild Surveyor Squadron

  • Heavy Support: Support Weapon battery (may include only Mole Mortars, must be transported in a Termite at +100 pts)

The Engineer Guildmaster must be accompanied by a Guild Journeyman bodyguard and mounted in a Termite. All Guild Miner squads must take their Termite transport.

Mixed Armour: It is possible for Daewar units to have models with different armour saves. The normal casualty removal rules are slightly altered to take this into account.

The opposing player rolls to hit and wound for whichever unit he is firing with as normal. However, when the Daewar player makes his armour saves, he uses the save for the armour worn by the greatest number of models in the unit. In the case of a tie, the Daewar player may decide which save is used. Any casualties removed after the saving throws have been taken must come first of all from the models whose saving throw was used (even if hit by weapons that don't allow a save to be taken, like power weapons etc.).

For example, if a Hearthguard bodyguard consisted of three models with Exo-armour and two with carapace armour then the Exo-armour save would be used but casualties would be taken on the Exo-armoured Daewar first of all.

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